February 22, 2013

Ode to the Weekend Roundup

I did some decorating at work this week...

I haven't had a particularly tough work week--it was a short week and things have been calm after the move--but I've been battling a really bad head cold and it's really sapped all my energy.

I'm so looking forward to this weekend.

Hopefully I'll have time to rest up a bit, despite my plans for a movie lady date tonight, an early 11 mile training run tomorrow, a Broadway show with friends from out of town, a birthday party, brunch with my roommate's visiting family, a haircut, and an Oscar party.

I'm tired just thinking about it all! But I know it'll be fun.

In the mean time, here are some fun/awesome things that have kept me entertained today while I've been milking a slow day at work super busy.

The New Jersey DMV refused to let this pastafarian wear a colander on his head for license photo. Fascists.

The proliferation of ARVs in South Africa has increased the region's life expectancy by more than a decade! 

In case you didn't know, storing bullets in the oven is a bad idea.

Reflections on writing with pen and paper.

This woman makes one-of-a-kind toys from your children's illustrations! Amazing! 

I need one of these. Stat.

Have an amazing weekend! 

February 19, 2013

The Argonaut!

Over the weekend my work just moved into a new office building. Built in 1909, the Argonaut, a historical landmark, is on a narrow corner of Broadway and vaguely reminiscent of the Flatiron Building, due to its triangular shape.

We have, from various sides of the building, views of Central Park, Columbus Circle, and Times Square!

My cubicle opens onto a wall of bay windows, which makes it seem like I have my own be-windowed private office!

It's going to be kind of a crazy week at work, while we get settled into the new place, but I'm looking forward to exploring and discovering the new building--I love historical NY architecture!

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovers!

Valentines Day is usually all or nothing for me. 

Either I've done it all up with a boyfriend or theme party (remember last year's 1920s Valentines Day Massacre party?)

 Or I haven't even realize it's Valentines day cause I was in the middle of midterms and frankly, I had more important things on my mind. 

This year it's a bit halfway.

I'm not overwhelmed by school, so I'm free to celebrate, 
but I don't have a significant other to hold, or a party to host.  

I'm starting off the festivities with an adorable little cupcake I got at work.

Then some of my friends and I are having a girls night--or GALentines Day, as my friend Mary called it--which seems to be de rigueur for single ladies.

One of our favorite bands, the Hot Sardines (which I've gushed about before), is playing two free concert at Lincoln Center tonight! 

Their super hot fiddler looks just like Ryan Gosling!
We're meeting up for a glass of wine first (and possibly after). 

We will feast our eyes on our pretend boyfriend, Hot Ryan Gosling Fiddler.

We will dance our little butts off to some wonderful Paris/New Orleans vintage jazz. 

It'll be a splendid ladies night out at its finest, and I can't wait! 

Happy Valentine's Day, Lovers! 

February 9, 2013

Stow Storm Nemo

You know it hasn't snowed in a while when everyone starts freaking out about a few inches!

Yeah, in New England it got kind of crazy--two feet of snow isn't really the norm, even in the middle of winter. 

And I guess after Hurricane Sandy, New Yorkers are a still a little shell shocked--but people really started worrying yesterday! Human Resources sent everyone at my office home at 2pm! 

I remember when I lived in Montreal, this was just another winter afternoon! 

I mean, it snowed multiple feet every week. The roads were perennially covered in a sheet of ice and it was so cold my eyelashes used to freeze to my scarf!

But I guess I'm not in Canada anymore, and I used get used to people overreacting about the weather. 

And snow storms, even baby ones like Nemo, are still fun!  Yesterday we made stove top s'mores! 

If you're in the North East, how are you spending this snowy weekend?