June 7, 2013


A couple of months ago I started on a sewing project--a mint peplum top and pencil skirt that when worn together look like a peplum dress--but after finishing the top, I never got around to making the skirt.

Then I found an amazing mint hat, which I'll be wearing to the Belmont tomorrow, so I decided to finish the outfit to match and wear all mint!

Last night I stayed up past my bedtime, catching up on Game of Thrones and finally finishing this skirt!

At first glance it looks like a dress...

but it's actually separates, so I can wear them individually. Win! 

Both top and skirt are entirely lined in mint silk, 

with pinked and bias bound seams.

There was a good deal of hand sewing, but with two seasons of Game of Thrones to catch up on, I kept myself busy. And there's something nice about knowing your garment is so well-finished on the inside.

With my matching hat and shoes, I'm all ready for a monochromatic day at the races! 

Now I just have to hope it won't rain tomorrow! 
Luckily my hat is big enough that even if it does, I'll stay dry :)

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