January 10, 2013

The Hot Sardines at Joe's Pub

Last night my friend Kim and I (our friend Andrea was supposed to come, too, but sadly got stuck at work) went to go see the Hot Sardines at Joe's Pub, at The Public.

Some of us recently saw them play at Winterland Romp in December--a fun winter-themed concert featuring a burlesque show, an extremely inappropriate Easter bunny, and a tranny "Hannukah elf" (don't ask)--and despite the eccentricity of the event, the music was amazing. 

So we immediately booked tickets to see them again as soon as possible, which was last night. 

"The Sardine sound – wartime Paris via New Orleans, or the other way around – is steeped in hot jazz, salty stride piano, and the kind of music Louis Armstrong, Django Reinhardt and Fats Waller used to make: Straight-up, foot-stomping jazz. (Literally – the band includes a tap dancer whose feet count as two members of the rhythm section). They manage to invoke the sounds of a near-century ago and stay resolutely in step with the current age. And while their roots run deep into jazz, that most American of genres, they’re intertwined with French influences via their frontwoman, who was born and raised in Paris (and writes songs in both languages)." -About

Miz Elizabeth is the lead singer in an all-male (and might I add, extremely attractive) band of musicians, featuring an extremely delightful tap dancer as one of the percussionists! 

Here he is enthusiastically dancing! 
We were sitting right under him and had a great view of his well-tailored pants....

There's also a sousaphone player (a sousaphone is a huge tuba),

and a fiddler (who is super hot and looks like Ryan Gosling) who plays a weird fiddle/trumpet hybrid that, when plucked, sounds like steel drums!

And the end of the show, while the bass player was doing his solo, he started lying down on the ground--while still playing!--and the rest of the band followed his lead.

They finished the rest of the song lying on the ground!

It was such a great show. The music is so alive and just makes you feel so happy. 

I even bought the CD and I haven't bought a CD probably since college...

Check out their upcoming shows to see where they're playing next, and definitely try to go!


Jamie said...

I love love love Joe's Pub! And that band sounds super fun so I know it must have been a really great time!!

Robyn Bowles said...

Are you quite sure that WASN'T Ryan Gosling? Because, ohmygoodness. :)