January 7, 2013

Ladies Who Brunch

This weekend my friend Meghan was in town accompanying her husband on a work trip, and because she didn't have to work, she got to hang out and do fun things!

Meghan, Amanda and I all taught together in Madrid in 2010 and somehow all ended up back in the states. Amanda was even my roommate in NY last year! Meghan stayed in Spain a little longer than us, but then she and her husband moved to Boston so we get to see her again!

Saturday we were blessed with an absolutely spectacular day. One of those bright, crisp, sunny days that make you think winter isn't all that bad. 

The three of us started off the day with a delicious brunch on the Upper East Side, and then headed to the Guggenheim to see the Picasso: Black& White exhibit. 

The Guggenheim shows are often a bit pricey, so I’m picky about what I go for, but this was absolutely worth the $22. Seeing his amazing progression of work--from before WWI to after WWII--spiral up the walls of the ramp was a delight.

(I also surreptitiously took all these photographs since photography is prohibited. Oops!)

Arabesque Dancers; this was my favorite piece.

This is Picasso's rendition of Velasquez's Las Meninas.

The Kiss.

Bust of a Woman. This was Amanda's favorite. It had such an amazing sculptural depth!

This charcoal drawing of a woman writing a letter at a desk with a flower is so whimsical! 

This was my other favorite, a starkly literal contrast to his later abstract work.

Man with ice cream cone! 

I don't know who this handsome fellow was, but hello!

Woman playing with cat. Look at how full of life the cat is! 

Kitchen. Supposedly Picasso's most abstract piece. 
After being on our feet for hours we relaxed with a cup of coffee at a cute café before heading home to get ready for the evening!

We were all headed to the birthday of a friend of mine, but we decided to start the evening at Amanda’s place with a little wine and cheese!

We went up to the roof of Amanda’s 50-story building, which has an incredible panoramic view of the New York skyline and took a bunch of photos.

Meghan and me on the roof! 
You can see the still green and red Empire State Building in the background! 

Here you can see the Manhattan Bridge on the left and the Williamsburg Bridge on the right.

Meghan and me a little flashed out :)

Amanda and Meghan with their giant glasses of Spanish red wine 


Amanda and me with the Freedom Tower (still under construction) towering in the background.

Almost falling down! 
But then it got cold so we went back downstairs :)

It was so lovely to get to see Meghan in New York and we were lucky that the three of us were all free for a day of brunchy, artsy, photo-y lady fun!

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Crystal @ 29 Rue House said...

Oooh you're so bold!!! I wish I could break the rules every now and then! Looks like a nice time and I'm glad you go the photos to show us. I love the kitty one!