June 30, 2012

Puppy Play Time!

This weekend my friend Xandra had to go out of town so I offered to dogsit her adorable puppy, 


After a day of snuggles on the bed, 

Naps on the floor,

Long walks,

Park picnics, 

And kisses in the park, 

He's all tuckered out! 

It's a tough life being a puppy! 

June 18, 2012

On Marathons and Self-Surprises

When I first started running again last summer in Mali--escaping the heat and the cabin fever in my neighbor Patrick's air-conditioned apartment by pounding the miles out on his treadmill--I never thought I'd start racing.

And when I started racing last November--when Andrea and I ran the Dash to the Finish Line 5k on the NYC Marathon course--I never thought I'd take it seriously.

But six races later--including the NYC Half Marathon we ran in March--I think I'm hooked.

New York Road Runners has the 9+1 system, where if you run 9 races in a calendar year and volunteer for 1, you automatically qualify for the following year's NYC Marathon.

This year I applied to the 2012 NYC Marathon, but my time wasn't fast enough to qualify and I didn't make the regular lottery system. So I decided to do the 9+1 in 2012 to qualify for the 2013 NYC Marathon.

So far this year I've run 4 races (a half marathon, a 10k, a 5k, and a 5 mile) and I just registered for 5 more (a 10k, a 5k, a 4 mile, a 5k and a half marathon) between now and the end of the year.

This Saturday I'm volunteering a few hours at a race I'm not running, and after that I should be all set to qualify for the 2013 NYC Marathon.

I guess I'd better start planning out my year-long training schedule.

If you had told me a year ago that I'd not only be doing this, but I'd be excited about it--and paying a tidy sum for the privilege (racing ain't free, yo)--I probably would have laughed in your face while I poured myself another glass of wine.

But here I am. 

I guess people change?

June 17, 2012

Auguri ai Papa`!

Happy Father's Day, Papa`! 

Thank you for all your love and support, 

from when I was in onesies,

to in a cap and gown! 

I couldn't have done it without you! 

Love, Giulietta. 

Post-Race Farmer's Market Tour

Today two of my friends and I ran the New York Road Runner's Portugal Day 5 miler.

It was a pretty relaxed easy race--we didn't rush to much--running just under 10 minutes per mile.

(After spending a day at the beach yesterday, we were a little bit beat)

Following the race, we took a long walk home and I Instagrammed my way through the Columbus Ave Farmer's Market, where a bounty of beautiful fresh summer produce enticed our hungry eyes and tired bodies.

Not having any cash on me after the race was probably a blessing--despite how yummy everything looked--otherwise I might have come home with a number of other odd and expensive artisan foods like horseradish pickles, dandelion jelly, or ostrich eggs. 

(And god knows my funemployed budget can't afford a $30 ostrich egg I wouldn't even know what to do with anyway! :)

June 15, 2012

Another Day at the Races!

Last Saturday was the 144th Belmont Stakes!

I went with my friends Amy and Andrea

And met up with some other dapper gentlemen friends there. 

It was a beautiful sunny day and everyone was out and about enjoying the weather! 

We packed a picnic (bread and cheese),

made fun of some guys dressed like douchebags, 

and bet on some horses! 

Unfortunately the one I bet on, Bourbon Courage, didn't even place :(

But it was a wonderfully fun day anyway!