December 11, 2012

Wish List: Sewing Book Edition

I know that there is an unlimited supply of amazing sewing resources online. 

I mean, I taught myself to sew using only the internet--I've never even taken a class!

That said, there's something wonderful about holding a physical book, turning the pages, and seeing the beautiful and glossy illustrations.

Plus, most sewing books come with patterns included, which saves you having to buy or print them!

I already have a few sewing books, but there are a few more on my Wish List that I'd love to get my hands on, like these:

The Colette Sewing Handbook

Gertie's New Book for Better Sewing

The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting

Couture Sewing Techniques

Famous Frocks: Patterns and Instructions for Recreating Fabulous Iconic Dresses

Simple Modern Sewing

Are there any sewing books you swear by?

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