December 20, 2012

Wish List: Mint Baubles

I'm pretty much done with my holiday shopping. Well, except for the gifts I haven't bought yet. 

But I do know what I'm going to buy, so I guess I mean I'm done brainstorming presents. 

But still, I was perusing Etsy amd taking a bit of a gander through my favorites. 

I'm not really buying anything for myself (I just treated myself to some new work clothes for my new job) but  I thought I could live vicariously by putting together a wish list of things I would buy. 

Tomorrow is the first day of winter and it's getting a bit dreary, so I though I'd liven up this place with a few pops of color.... mint! 

(My favorite)

Mint and White Chevron Studs
Mint & Gold Bar Bracelet

Mint Bubble Bib Necklace
Mint Braided Chain Bracelet
Aqua Mint & Gold Pendant
Aqua Mint Drop Earrings

Don't these lovely pieces almost transport you to a tropical beach with a crystalline blue sea?

Ahh, to be relaxing on a white sandy beach under the sun...

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