December 30, 2012

Polka Dot Fold Over Clutch

Two and a half years ago (had it been so long?!) when I lived in Spain and was just getting into sewing, I made this interesting circle skirt:

It was definitely a cute idea, but I don't think I ever wore it. 

It ended up being a smidge too short and a bit loud. Plus I miscalculated the wait measurement and it ended up more around my hips, which wasn't ideal.

So, forgotten and unworn, this skirt has been sitting in my room in Cambridge since I moved back from Europe in 2010. 

Last night, itching to use my machine for something simple, I was poking through my mom's sewing box and found a navy blue 7-inch zipper. 

I'd had it in the back of my mind to make a fold over clutch, after seeing so many pretty ones on Pinterest, and that zipper was about the right length, so I got to looking for a coordinating fabric. 

After sifting through my old clothes (prime specimens for being repurposed) I came across this navy polka dot skirt which matched the zipper perfectly!

So I got to work cutting it up and came up with this polka dot fold over clutch! 

I didn't have any magnetic clasps and I was feeling impatient, so I used snaps instead, which work great! 

The zipper is exactly the same navy blue! 

I even put in a little inside pocket for my iphone so it doesn't get mangled by my keys at the bottom. 

It's the perfect size for your essentials on a night out or to tuck under your arm on a warm spring day. 

(The colors are decidedly not wintery).

I mostly just made it the way I would a regular zippered pouch, just elongating the length, but it you want to recreate it, this is a pretty good tutorial to follow. 


Oh, and before I forget, Happy New Year! 

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Leesh said...

I love the polka dot. It's amazing how you created one thing only to make it into something else.

I am so addicted to clutches, I should just learn to make my own but I am so scared of zippers. I took a class that showed me how to do it but I forgot and will have to learn again. Practice makes perfect right?