December 19, 2012

Lace Peter Pan Collar Sweater Refashion

Months and months ago (maybe a year?) I bought this vintage lace collar on Etsy

This one is sold out but there are similar ones in the same shop. 

My original idea was to applique it onto a cardigan, but my vision didn't really work out in reality, and then I got busy, so the collar was relegated to my trim box and forgotten about. 

Then this summer when my roommate was moving out she had a bag of clothes she was getting rid of and asked me if I wanted to look through it before she donated it. 

I found a super soft black turtleneck sweater with gathered shoulders (the sleeves were too short on her--never a problem for me), which I decided to keep. 

I'm not a huge fan of turtlenecks, but I'd successfully turned a turtleneck into a crew neck sweater before (by cutting off the turtleneck and hemming the opening with a stretch stitch), so I thought I could just do it again. 

But it was August and I had no use for sweaters then, so it also fell into the to-do pile, and both sweater and collar were forgotten about until I came across them while searching for glue sticks (I need a better craft organizing system, I know).

At which point the lace collared sweater idea was born!

I knew I could sew it up in an evening, so I put on a few episodes of Breaking Bad and got to work. 

Hand sewing the collar, pinned in place. Dainty stork embroidery scissors on a pink ribbon. 

They sleeves are a bit droopy on the dressform, but you can kind of see the gathered shoulder detail.

The inside edge of the collar was straight so to stitch it to the round opening I had to gather it a bit, giving it a little bit of volume. I also like how the tops of the big flowers peek up above the edge of the collar.

Normally when taking the neck off the turtleneck there would still be enough stretch in the knit, even after hemming, to be able to avoid cutting open a slit. 

But because I sewed the collar around the neck opening, and the collar wasn't stretchy, I had to cut down the back a bit to be able to fit my head through. 

This ended up being a blessing in disguise because the keyhole detail in the back adds a little something to the sweater, especially with a vintage mother of pearl button to clasp it. 

And for once I actually have a few pictures of myself wearing the garment! 

I put it on for an evening of snacks and presents on Sunday when a group of friends and I had a Secret Santa to exchange gifts. 

This one's a bit blurry, but it looked so nice with the pearls.

I styled the sweater with pearl studs, loose curls, dark wash jeans, and my Hunter Regent Carlyle rain boots (it was raining). 

Still mastering the art of the mirror self portrait.

Here I am, happily holding the giant pile of gifts I'm about to unwrap which turned out to be a mountain of chocolates! 

I am definitely going to have to have my roommates help me out cause there's no way I'll be able to fit into the sweater if I eat it all. 

This was a really quick and fun project--not to mention super cheap (the collar was $2.50 and the sweater was free!)--so I think I might try it again. 

Maybe a black collar on a white sweater? 


J. said...

Super, super cute! Good job! I love seeing how you style the sweater.

Lindsay @ sunshine and soul said...

Goodness, you make me wish I had more than basic sewing skills! Maybe that can be one of my new hobbies in 2013. :)

Just stopping by to say hello and how much I like your blog. You're obviously very talented!

Happy holidays and I look forward to your next post!


Jen said...

The sweater came out so well, and it looks beautiful on you! You are so crafty and creative -- I love everything you make.

Merry Christmas, Julia!