December 29, 2012

Foul Weather Friends

I was lucky enough to have this entire week off of work, which meant I could come home for nine uninterrupted days to relax and spend the holidays with my family. 

Then my bestie, Molly, who lives in Minneapolis and whom I never get to see, was going to be in New York for less than 48 hours, right in the middle of my week off. 

Without even thinking I booked a two-day trip back to New York to see her. 

Molly and me
I knew there was a chance I wouldn't see her for another six months and I wanted to get in some quality time when I had the chance, even with the inconvenience of taking an 8-hour round trip drive over two days.

Delicious Korean BBQ feast
We met up in New York, along with Molly's sister Eliza (who also lives in the city and is quickly becoming one of my besties there) and started making all these lofty plans.

Visiting the new Fulton Fish market in the Bronx, having dinner in Harlem, getting Korean BBQ.

Generally painting the town red.

Beautiful sisters, Eliza and Molly
Little did we know the weather was about to take a spectacular dump all over our wonderful plans.

Wednesday morning it was snowing lightly, but that quickly turned to clumps of slush careening from the sky, accelerated by violent winds and a bitter, bitter cold.

We could have given up and sat around my apartment lazily, bemoaning the inclement weather.

But we didn't.

Besides wisely canceling our foray into the Bronx world of late-night fish dealing (we took a raincheck for warmer weather) we did everything we'd set out to do.

Red Rooster in the rain
Korean BBQ, boozy Upper East Side lunch, battling the bargain shoppers at Nordstrom Rack for sparkly NYE dresses, dinner at Red Rooster in Harlem.

We even added impromptu drinks in midtown with a grad school friend of mine.

Our parents thought we were crazy for running off on Christmas day to see each other in New York for such a short time, but that's just what Molly and I do. And now we get to add Eliza to our fun tradition!

Eliza and me and a bottle of Cava :)
We couldn't spend New Year's together this year, so when we found out we'd both be on the East coast at the same time, we worked with what we had, despite the slush storm.


Some people have fair weather friends; I have friends who turn up even in the foulest of weather. 

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Haylee said...

I had no idea there was even such a thing as korean BBQ food but that sounds delicious.

That sounds pretty much like my LEAST favorite kind of weather. Ugh slush is the worst. Snow is pretty but slush just gets over everything and then windy on top of that, I most definitely feel bad for you. Except not really though because I'm totally and completely jealous you were in New York.

You guys are all so cute. You can tell they're are sisters because I think they look like each other.