December 28, 2012

Blogging Over Breakfast

Blogging Over Breakfast

Over the weekend before Christmas I was super busy running around finishing to shop for presents and preparing our annual Christmas Eve party that I didn't really have time to spend on my computer.

The few times I did it was only for a few minutes, so I didn't bother plugging it in.

Then on Tuesday I saw it was down to 17% so I decided to charge it... but it didn't work.

I tried all combinations of outlets, locations, even different chargers (my brother had some extras) but nothing worked. I was extremely frustrated because my computer is just over a year old, hence no longer under warranty, and so I was going to either spend the afternoon yelling at someone at the Apple store, shell out $45 for  new charger, or both!

But I was going to NY for a couple of days to see my friend Molly, so I didn't have time. Plus I have an iphone, which pretty much does everything my computer does, just in a reduced capacity, so it's not like I would be totally internet free. I figured I would take care of if this weekend.

Yesterday I got home and hopefully tried again. I thought, what the hell, maybe this time it'll work.

And it did! 

My charger magically started working again! Sure, the problem might still happen, it's probably a bad contact, which means I'll probably have to look into getting a new charger anyway. But it's not something I have to worry about this second.

I know this isn't a very exciting story, but it does touch on taking things for granted. At first, over last weekend, it was kind of a relief being unplugged, especially since my job is so computer centric.  But when I couldn't use my computer it was extremely frustrating, making me realize how much I actually depend on it.

Needless to say, it's lovely to once again be able to relax with a coffee in the morning, read the news, check google reader, and blog over breakfast.

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