November 29, 2012

Star Spangled Cape

During Hurricane Sandy I was pretty much stuck at home for a few days. 

I was lucky enough to not lose power, but I couldn't really go anywhere, so I needed to find something to keep myself busy in my apartment. 

I decided to tackle a sewing project that had been in my "to do" pile for at least a year: a winter cape. 

I bought McCall's 6446 on sale last year for something ridiculous like $1.99. I thought it had a great classic silhouette with some nice details, like the welt pockets and the back pleat. 

I also bought some beautiful shetland wool--black with natural white specks--and a black silk lining. 

To complement the white specks, and add a bit of a mod look, I bought oversized faux mother of pearl buttons, and altered the pattern to have the buttons go all the way down the front.

I also added bound buttonholes, which I think gave the garment a more professional finish.

The pattern also didn't include a lining, so I drafted and added one.

At first I was a little nervous about how wide set the collar was (I think it was meant to accommodate the hood) but when I actually finished it, I was pleased with how it looked. A bit more retro.

When I can strong arm someone into taking some photos of me wearing the cape, 'll post them so you can see that it looks a lot less frump actually on a person with legs and not just a headless dressform.

Bound buttonhole

Mother of pearl buttons

Welt pockets

Interfacing and lining

I hand finished all raw inside edges in self-made silk bias tape. 


In other news,  I was wearing this yesterday and an adorable gay couple stopped me in the street to ask where I'd bought my cape. When I told them I made it myself but didn't actually sew professionally, they told me I should really be sewing to sell. 

So it got the wheels turning in my mind, and after a lot of positive encouragement from facebook, I think I might actually do it! When I have some time over the holidays I'll try to start making some headway into opening up an Etsy shop! 

I will of course keep you all posted about my progress. 

Now, for a bit of self-serving crowd-sourcing, as a potential buyer, what items would you most like to see in an Etsy shop?

Adult Outerwear (coats, capes, etc.)
Adult Apparel (skirts, tops, dresses)
Accessories (clutches, pouches, etc.)
Baby/Kids Clothes
Vintage finds

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Leesh said...

I have seen what you are capable of making and I would love if you made skirts!!!!

You are really talented and creative.