November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

English Sticky Toffee Pudding in the works

There's nothing I love more than waking up on Thanksgiving morning with nothing to do all day but cook and eat.

I'm still in my pajamas and we've already made a dent in the sticky toffee pudding, the garlic mashed potatoes, the shredded lemon brussel sprouts, a pear pomegranate pie, kumquat cranberry sauce, and a little turkey for us (the main turkey is cooking our friends' house, where we'll be sharing the meal later).

If there's one more thing I could make (but I don't have time) it's Heidi Swanson's Spice-Kissed Pumpkin Pie, which has long been a Thanksgiving favorite at our house.

(If you're looking for a last minute dessert to make, try that one. You won't regret it.)

I should probably get dressed and back to cooking, but I want to wish all of you a splendid and delicious day full of good food, friends, family, and gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

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