November 5, 2012


No, this has nothing to do with the 99% or occupying anything.

Last night I was a 99% done with mt newest sewing project--a cape I've been working on all weekend--when my beloved little machine crapped out on me :(

I was finishing up the lining hem when all of a sudden something clicked--not in a good way--and the tension wheel came loose. I tried to take off the plastic covering to see what was going on, but one of the pieces wouldn't come off and I didn't want to accidentally snap it, so I decided to let it be and leave it to the professionals.

Had it happened just a couple of days later I wouldn't have minded as much; I probably would have been done with my project and put the machine away anyway, so taking a break to have it serviced wouldn't have been a big deal.

But I was so close to being done, yet not quite there.

Had it only been a question of finishing the hem, I would have done it by hand. But I still need to finish the button holes and frankly I wanted to finish the hem tap by machine.

Ah well. Let this be an exercise in patience. Hopefully I can bring my machine somewhere this week and get it back in the next 10 days?

Speaking of which, does anyone know a good sewing machine repair shop in NYC?

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