October 30, 2012

Post-Hurricane Sandy Update

Aside from a few hours of very loud and scary wind (reaching over 110 mph (177 kph) up here on the 17th floor) which shook the building like an earthquake, we in the Upper West Side were thankfully pretty unaffected by the storm. Our lights barely flickered, and we didn't even have cable/internet connectivity problems, let alone power outages or water supply issues. 

Manhattan south of 34th st with no power
There's some debris outside our building--mostly branches and some pieces of scaffolding--but nothing so big that residents haven't already started cleaning up by hand.

Ground Zero construction site flooded by sea water

I foresee today being much less scary, but still intensely windy and it seems like it's starting to rain (which oddly enough, it didn't really last night). However, the entire city is still shut down and isolated--the MTA has experienced the worst damage to the subway in the 108 years it's been open (all the tunnels in the East River are flooded), and all the bridges and tunnels are closed, except for the Lincoln Tunnel which still is for emergency personnel only. 

The face of a building just fell off on 8th Ave and 14th St
It's going to take days to pump the water out of the tunnels, and asses the damage of the salt water on the transit infrastructure, so it looks like no one will be going anywhere for a while. 

Hurricane Cookies (Earl Grey Shortbread with Sea Salt and Earl Grey Glaze)

Luckily I stocked up on plenty of provisions before the storm, and I could really use  couple of days to relax, so being stuck at home is definitely far from a worst case scenario for me. I've already baked hurricane cookies and caught up on this season of Downton Abbey.

Part of a crane dangling off the top of a sky scraper across from Carnegie Hall

I won't give you an inventory of all the damage to the city, but if you're interested in learning more about the extent of the damage in NY/NJ, this NYT live update feed is a pretty comprehensive list of what's been going on for the last 24 hours, and of course the internet is crawling with news about the storm. These and these are some more unbelievable photos.

Avenue C in the Lower East Side

I was extremely fortunate, in that none of this has affected me in any material way (unless I decide I want to go somewhere). I'm warm and snuggly in bed, drinking a latte and writing to you guys on my charged laptop via my functioning internet. 

Battery Park is completely underwater

My positive thoughts are with all the people who have lost or suffered as a result of this devastating storm. I hope rescues and repairs are able to happen quickly and efficiently, and that services be soon restored, to those already affected, and I wish as little impact as possible to those still in the storm's path. 


Michele Capra said...

It's good to ear that you're well ;-) Me and Valeria were thinking about you last night, hoping that everything was fine...

Take care :-)

Karen Pior said...

So glad to hear that you are safe, snug with tea and cookies and able to communicate with the outside world. Fingers crossed for you that it stays that way. Cheers, Karen