October 11, 2012

On Seeing Old Friends

Tomorrow I'm flying to Toronto, Canada for two very important reasons.

1) To see a number of old friends.
2) To run my first international race--the Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon.

I'm extremely excited about the race. It's not as exciting accomplishment-wise as my first half, since it's not my first, but it's my first of hopefully many international races, so that's pretty exciting.

Although I'm most looking forward to seeing a number of friends who I haven't see in a long time--and some new babies whom I've never met!

My friend and old college roommate, Rebecca, I haven't seen since we graduated college five years ago! She's since gotten married and adopted a little girl, and I'm so looking forward to meeting her wife and her daughter. 

Kate, whom I'm staying with and running the race with, I saw last October (when she came to visit for Halloween) but I haven't seen her sister Liz in about six years, and Liz has a two-year-old whom I have yet to meet! 

Rebecca, Kate and Me (left to right) on St. Patty's Day in either 2005 or 2006.
As evidenced by the wet spot on my jeans, we may have been drinking. Maybe.

Domina--whom I saw in Jamaica in January--has since had her baby (she was six months pregnant when I saw her), a bouncing baby boy whom I can't wait to meet. And Maria Lorella, her precious daughter, is almost two!

Domina and me in May 2008 at the party I threw for my cousin Lorenzo's birthday at my beach house.
 So it'll be a long weekend of running after finish lines and running after toddlers--both of which I'm sure will be loads of fun, if totally exhausting!


Bree said...

Enjoy Toronto! It's a fantastic city :)

Crystal @ 29 Rue House said...

Have fun! I like the new look but I was surprised!

Haylee said...

Geeze girl, a 1/2 marathon?? You're amazing. Seriously I am very impressed. Have fun in Toronto!