October 12, 2012

Fill in the Blank Friday

Happy Friday!
1.  My favorite flower is   the poppy. I love how ephemeral it is, while being so vivid and saturated. I also love peonies--they smell so good! .
2.  You should never talk about    something that leaves one or two people in the group completely out of the conversation. I hate it when everyone but me is talking about sports, and I always try to steer the conversation away from grad school when its all my SIPA friends except for one or two other people. It's rude to, however unintentionally, alienate someone from the conversation. Broader things topics like religion, or politics, or money aren't always appropriate--there's a time and a place--but I don't think they should never be discussed. That said, I will almost categorically refused to partake in conversations about bodily functions. Maybe I'm a product of snooty French upbringing, but I find it really inappropriate and uncomfortable    .
3.  My favorite discovery as of late is  kimchi. I mean, I've had it before, but I've recently been on a bit of a Korean food kick, to the point where I have two jars of kimchi in my fridge that I eat as a side to almost anything .

4. This fall you will probably find me wearing   tights, boots, trench coats, lots of black and grey and brown. I find this fall's oxblood trend nice to look at, but shades of burgundy don't really suit me. I prefer rich greens and browns. Also, I think I might try to bring back hats--in a non-hipster way.
5. I wish I were   "a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller..." Haha no, in all seriousness, I wish I were a little more disciplined. I know this job search would be much more successful if were treating the job search like a full time job. But it's hard to do that while working full time.

6. My favorite TV show currently is    The Wire. I just finished the whole series a couple of weeks ago and I wish I could watch it all again for the first time. I've recently started Breaking Bad, which is good, but not as good. I'm also excited to watch season three of Downton Abbey--I have a few episodes downloaded to watch on my flight tonight .

7.  This weekend I want to  catch up with old friends, meet some new little humans (almost all my friends in Toronto have babies), and run a successful, satisfying half marathon--maybe run a personal best?

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Have a splendid weekend everyone!


Amanda said...

Have a great time in Toronto this weekend! The weather has been really cold here this week, but hopefully the sun makes an appearance for your half marathon :)

LauraEC said...

Kimchi. I REALLY want to try kimchi because I have a friend who makes it (http://www.chowbacca.com/2012/02/kimchi.html) and friend who has moved to South Korea and keeps telling me about it but there's absolutely nowhere near me that sells it!

Oh and The Wire - I found it completely addictive!!!

Sara Bell said...

I always feel bad when people are left out of a conversation. My husband and I met in high school and recently went out to dinner with an old high school friend and his wife from another state. Our friend kept steering the conversation back to high school, what people we knew in HS are up to, etc. I felt so bad for his poor wife so I eventually was able to get the guys having their own conversation so I could talk with her and not leave her out the whole night!