October 29, 2012

Bracing For Snowicane Sandy

As I'm sure most of you have read in the news, New York (along with much of the Northeast and the Midatlantic coast) is about to get clobbered by Hurricane Sandy--aka Snowicane, Frankenstorm, Count Snowcula, Noreastercane.

A tropical storm from the south, a low pressure system from the west, and an arctic front from the north are combining right around here into what meteorologists are saying will be a Perfect Storm, much much bigger than Hurricane Irene, which devastated the East Coast last August.

It's a little bit scary. 

[note: the map of the US doesn't change size, just the storm above it]

Luckily there was a lot of forewarning, so precautions are being taken. Yesterday the MTA shut down the New York metro completely--for only the second time in history, after Hurricane Irene last year--until further notice.

There is a mandatory evacuation of residents of Zone A (coastal areas of the city) and as soon as winds get strong enough, they're going to shut down the bridges and tunnels, effectively marooning us on our respective islands.

I live pretty much as close to the center of Manhattan as possible (Upper West Side near Central Park), so I'm not worried about flooding from the Hudson River. And I live on the 17th floor, so I'm not worried about rain flooding.

Last year we did have some water damage from Irene--the wind was so strong that it essentially drove the water through the bricks into our apartment--but luckily just a couple of weeks ago they storm-proofed the exterior of our building, so hopefully that won't happen again.

Yesterday I bough plenty of food, drinks, and I even bought a pretty (pink) 7-day candle in case the power goes out. I have plenty of shows to watch (catching up on Downtown Abbey) and sewing projects to work on while I still have power, and after that I have plenty of books to read by candle light.

We have a gas stove, so unless some serious infrastructural damage happens to this city, I'll even be able to cook, even without electricity (I'm thinking grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner).

All in all, I think I'm pretty prepared for this storm, and one of my roommates is home, so at least I'm not all alone. Although I have to say, the howling wind up here on the 17th floor is a little eerie.

Luckily I have a cute (very unimpressed with the storm) puppy to snuggle if it gets too scary. 


Unknown said...

You should get some old classics to help pass the storm. I've been Hitchcocking lately. The Birds & North by Northwest are hella fun.

Karen Pior said...

Hi Julia, i hope all will be well. Last year my Son, who had been living in NYC for 15 months was due to fly home to Australia. The day his flight was to leave it was cancelled due to Irene. He had already moved out of his apartment and had to beg his flat mates to let him back in. Then they had to evacuate their apartment as it was below the possible flood line and he was in the basement. As it turned out all was well but my Husband and I stayed up all night trying to contact him via skype. It was pretty scary!! Here's hoping all will be well for you too. Cheers, Karen