September 13, 2012

Twiggy Pillows

When my mother asked me if I had any use for this lovely twiggy canvas she had bought, I immediately said yes because it matches our white canvas couch and ottomans perfectly. 

It was exactly enough yardage for three 18 inch pillow cases, which will look great as an tie-together accent in our living room, which has one white couch and one grey couch. 

{Sorry for the odd white balance, it's what happens when I avoid using the flash at night}
I could only find two pillows to use as pillow forms until I buy some, so the lone third pillow case didn't get to be part of the shoot.

They came together in less than an hour, so it was definitely a fast project. Each pillow case is a strip of fabric 18 x 40 inches, which allowed for a 4 inch overlap in the back. There are seams on the top and bottom, but the sides wrap around in one continuous piece.

I can't wait for our living room to be decorated and finished!

1 comment:

Jules said...

That material is lovely! Such a calming colour. I have three cushion covers that I need to find pillow forms too,they've only been sitting in a bag for about 6 years! :-)