September 25, 2012

Pastry Hopping in New York City

Like I said, this weekend my friend Paige was visiting from Washington D.C., so we decided to do all of our favorite things in the city--namely, hit up all of our favorite Sweets Spots.


We started with breakfast from this sweet little bakery on the south side of Bryant Park, followed by a day of window shopping along 5th Ave at Ted Baker, some fancy jewelry boutiques, and Bergdorf Goodman.

After a lot of walking around, we were hungry! A failed quest for a Korean Taco food truck led us all the way town to Korea Town where we settled for a 4:30pm lunch/dinner hybrid of Korean BBQ at a sit-down restaurant.

All the walking and eating left us tuckered out, so we took ourselves home, changed into PJs, opened a bottle of wine, and gave ourselves ManiPedis while watching The Wire.


On our way to our friend Sadia's Birthday Brunch we stopped at Bomboloni, my favorite Italian doughnut shop on 68th and Columbus, to pick some up to bring. We may have stopped to eat some there. 

After brunch we took a walk around the East Village and stopped at John Derian & Co., a quirky little store with all kinds of fun things for the home. 

That evening we had plans to go to the San Gennaro street festival in Little Italy, but as soon as we got there it started pouring rain. We took refuge under the cigar tent until the worst was over. 

When the rain died down a bit, we ducked into a little Italian restaurant, Parm, for some fried calamari and a meatball sandwich. 

When we left it was stil raining, so instead of going all the way to Williamsburg, as planned, we took our wet selves home.


Sunday was beautiful and sunny, so I decided to wear my Birds in Flight Dress
(My self-photography skills leave something to be desired).
As predicted, it paired nicely with neutrals, and was comfortable, yet elegant. 

For brunch we went to Bosie Tea Parlor, Paige and my favorite place in New York. It's a cafe/wine bar where all the servers wear hats and all the books on the shelves seem to be related to Oscar Wilde somehow. Their savory dishes and brunch are also amazing, but what they're really famous for is their macarons.

They have an incredible selection of teas--stored in these amazing copper jars--with flavors like Rosemary Caramel and Lapsang Souchong, and their pastries are to die for. They serve crumbly scones with homemade raspberry jam and unbelievable clotted cream they get straight from a dairy farm in New Jersey.

After Brunch we took a leisurely walk around the West Village, popping into shops and admiring the beautiful brownstones.

Paige's train back to D.C. was that afternoon, so around 4 we headed back uptown to collect her things and say goodbye. Luckily I get to see her again in two weeks at our friend Emily's wedding in Maine!


J. said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I especially love seeing you in your clothing creations! So talented.

Leesh said...

I need you to take me on a pastry tour the next time I am in NYC.

Have you ever eaten at BonChon Chicken in Ktown?