September 24, 2012

NYC Ballet Fall Gala Homage to Valentino

This weekend my friend Paige was in town visiting from Washington D.C. and we had a delightful three days full of long walks around the city, delicious treats, and catching up on some much needed girl talk, along with several episodes of The Wire (we're both obsessed).

We kicked off the weekend on Thursday evening, with our friend Erica, at the New York City Ballet Fall Gala Homage to Valentino

Every fall, the NYC Ballet hosts a fall gala, a star-studded event (at $5000 a ticket it's quite exclusive) complete with a champagne reception, orchestra seats to the Gala show, and an exquisite banquet to follow. 

We obviously didn't do any of that. 

Instead, we got $29 tickets in the fourth balcony, and stared in awe at all the pretty people going by on the red carpet (we had to go in the boring regular entrance for us "poors".)

(Even rich people have to wait in line sometimes)
This year's event was particularly special because Valentino, the iconic couturier and creator of "Valentino red," designed the costumes for the fall Gala, a life-long dream of his. So the academy decided to honor him by making the show an Homage to Valentino.

I didn't get any closeups of the costumes, so here are some I found online.

This was one of my favorite dresses. The triangles are a hat tip to the 1920s.
All the black and white dresses had red and pink petticoats!
He's so small and orange!

Even from up on the 4th balcony, the show was amazing and the costumes were breathtaking, and as with all wonderful things, it was over much too soon. 

Shadows of ballet-goers against the wall

Some photos from the last act, Couture:

Final bows:

Valentino at the apex of the V

We asked about five people to take a photo of the three of us, and they were ALL awful.
This is the best we got. 
The fountain at Lincoln Center

How I love the Ballet!

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