September 12, 2012

My New Teeny Tiny Espresso Maker!

My dad just got back from a few weeks in Italy visiting our family, and--as requested--brought me back some Italian essentials.

I'd been struggling with my three cup, off brand stovetop espresso maker, which inevitably watered down the coffee and made too much espresso for one person, so I always felt like I was being wasteful.

So I asked my dad to bring me a one cup Bialetti Moka espresso maker, and, of course, a supply of Lavazza espresso, since in Italy it's so cheap and here it costs an arm and a leg.

Isn't it precious? I've never seen a white one before! 

The beautiful vintage silver monogrammed tray was my grandmother's, and my mother brought it back for me from her trip to France this summer. 

So many European goodies from my wonderful parents :)

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