September 23, 2012

Make It: Grosgrain Ribbon Belt

 I got the inspiration for this belt from Ruffles and Stuff, and then once I started I couldn't stop! I bought three different colors of grosgrain and thought up three different embellishments. And it was so easy!
 Today we'll be making the regular belt base, and then you can add whatever you want to it!


Depending on how you want to wear your belt, you'll want to make it a certain length. I wanted the option to wear it own around my hips with a little extra length, so I cut the ribbon generously at 43 inches. Then if you want to wear it up around your waist, you can always tighten it.

Loop the ribbons through the D-rings, fold it over and sew it down.
And then hem the loose end of the ribbon.

Now you have the belt base. You can wear it plain, like this, if you want a functional holds-up-the-pants belt. Or you can add an embellishment and make it a cute little belt to wear over whatever you want!

I decided to pair the beige belt with a cream lace flower with a couple of pearl that I made:

Sew it to the looped over part of the belt so that it covers up the D-rings:

 (sorry that the picture is crooked - I couldn't get blogger to load it properly)

And there you have it! A pretty little belt to wear with a skirt, over a cardigan,

 or however you want to style it! And you can make as many as you want in as many colors and styles as you can think of!

Oh, and just a tip on how to wear it. If you wear it up around your waist, you'll probably have a good few inches hanging loose. You can either leave it loose, in which case you'll loop it through the rings like this:

Otherwise, if you don't want it to hang down, you can loop the ribbon through backwards, and tuck the ribbon under the belt.

Have fun making your belts!


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