September 14, 2012

Argentine Tango In My Living Room

When I went to Buenos Aires in March, I found these lovely prints of vintage posters for Argentine Tango. 

They've been sitting in my room for almost half the year, waiting to be framed, when I realized that they were the perfect size for the frames on the pictures my roommate left behind (which were nothing special, so I had no qualms about reusing the frames for my purposes). 

Even the burgundy matte board is a perfect color match. How serendipitous! 

{Like lilies in bloom} 

{Liline Argentine Tango}

{After the Champagne}

They didn't really match the color scheme in my room, but they were a perfect fit for the living room. 

So glad these prints finally have a home! 


Jules said...

Love these! My mind's been very much on all things home décor lately, and I think these are just fab! :-)

Desiree said...

Those are so incredibly gorgeous! I love vintage posters and anything to do with dance just makes it ten times better! Well done!

Bianca Pascuchelli said...

In the first one, there is a woman wearing an orange dress and it says: "como los nardos en flor". It refers to the tango "Naranjo en flor" (Oranges Tree). It is very beautiful, have yu heard it? When I travelled to Buenos Aires, I hired 4rent Argentinato get me a flat in San Telmo. I wanted to hear this song played by an Argentinean and the most likely that was going to happen in San Telmo. I did and I recommend you hear it!