August 12, 2012

Wedding Dress Factory: Part IV

Morning at Lucas' loft is lovely, with the herb garden basking in the sunlight.

We got straight to work, binding the waistband seam with satin.... by hand!

About halfway we traded off cause it was getting tedious for one person!

The inside of the almost finished dress! 

Last step: inserting the zipper!

Well, almost. There was still some work to be done by hand. 

But we took a brunch break when Lucas woke up.
Eggs waiting to be poached, and Hollandaise Sauce waiting to be drizzled on the eggs. 

Berry pancakes on the griddle.

Berry pancakes and syrup, bacon, and Eggs Benedict. Yum!

The Jennah came over for a second fitting, and the bodice fit her like a glove! 

The finished dress! 

All done! 
Unfortunately Jennah had to leave before we were completely finished, so we didn't  get any photos of her wearing the completed dress, but we'll get plenty at the wedding. Which is in just three weeks!

When Jennah first mentioned that she wanted us, her friends--with no professional seamstress experience--to sew her wedding dress, I was a bit nervous. But I'm so glad I agreed cause it was such a fun project!

We made the whole dress--from design to finish--in five days, which was very impressive. And I got a chance to spend some quality time with two ladies whom I don't get to see enough.

Thanks Annika and Jennah! 

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Dorkys Ramos said...

For having "no professional seamstress experience" you guys did a fantastic job! She looks so pretty in it and I bet she just loved twirling around in it. Best part is it looks so comfy.