August 11, 2012

Wedding Dress Factory: Part III

Last weekend I went back up to Cambridge for another weekend of Wedding Dress Factory with Annika. 

My mother is in Europe and she has a family friend staying at her place, so Annika and I stayed with my brother Lucas in his new loft, which he was nice enough to let us take over with all our sewing paraphernalia for two whole days.

On Saturday, we picked up where we left off, working on the bodice and skirt separately, hoping to be able to finish the dress by the end of Sunday before we left. 

Annika pressing a seam in Lucas' living room

The kitchen island turned into our work table

Working on the bodice

Sometimes you actually need tools for sewing! That's a roll of spiral steel boning which we had to cut to size and and then put little caps on. 

Running a gathering stitch inside the satin lining waist band

The finished bodice

Measuring the skirt gathers

Sewing the outer silk skirt to the lining

Annika modeling the skirt 

Pinning Jennah into the bodice and skirt, which were pinned together.
The poor girl kept getting poked with pins! 

Trying out different strap styles. We finally settled on a plain halter (bottom right).
{Photo © Lilleputt Studio}
Giving the dress a little twirl

This photo gave us the idea to add a sash to the finished dress!

After a long morning hard at work,
Lucas--our chef for the weekend--made us a delicious lunch of ravioli in butter and sage, an arugula salad and sweet potato fritters

Spiral steel boning cut and capped

Inserting the boning into the bodice seams

Hemming the skirt

An early dinner of pork chops in a mushroom balsamic reduction and a mixed greens salad. Thanks Lucas! :)

Basting the bodice pieces together to hold in the boning. 

The skirt and bodice finally sewn together! 

Night falling outside

When it started to get dark--and we started to get delirious--we turned off the machine, got some ice cream, and settled into the pull-out couch to watch Best In Show, a hilarious way to end a long day. 

Stay tuned for Sunday's progress, and to see if we finally finished the dress! 


Tara said...

Looks like a ton of fun :) Gorgeous dress too

Mimi said...

wow, so talented! i wish i could make dresses too. ;)

<3, Mimi
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