August 22, 2012

Scalloped Jean Shorts Refashion

When I saw these adorable scalloped jean shorts on Pinterest,
I knew I wanted to make some:
But I'm not that into the whole frayed jean look (remember those jean skirts that were super popular a few years ago with the unsewn frayed hem? Well I bought one of those and then promptly hemmed it back up!) so I thought I would take a slightly different approach.
Luckily I had some old jeans lying around, and I cut them long enough to hem the scallops like I wanted.
I fashioned these!
(Sorry for the blurry pictures!)

I probably could have done a better job pressing the scallops (though stretch jeans are surprising difficult to iron) I think they came out pretty cute, no?
Too bad summer is almost over...

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Belen said...

I'm in love. I want to do this!