August 27, 2012

Make It: Peony Headband Tutorial

Peony Headband Tutorial
I was poking around my old posts and I found this tutorial I did for Leigh Ashley which I never ended up publishing here, so I thought I'd repost it.

2-3 9x12 Felt squares (one or two colors)
Glue gun
Glue sticks
A headband
Ribbon (optional)
Start by covering your headband with the ribbon, if you want to (I don't have photos for this, because mine was already covered in ribbon). I hot-glued the ribbon, flat-side down, along the headband, and then folded each overlapping under, gluing them down one at a time. Set aside to dry.
Cut out paper circle templates in decreasing sizes. Mine were approximately 2 inches, 1 1/2 inches, and 1 inch across.
Pin the paper to your felt, and cut out around the circle.

Cut out a total of six circles of each size (three of each color in each size, if you're using different colored felt). Two of each color and size might actually be enough, I ended up having a lot left over.
Cut the felt circles in half.
Cut out a large circle of felt for the base, about 1 inch smaller in diameter than you want the finished headband. My finished headband is about five inches across, and my base is about four inches across.
Start hot-gluing the half circles, in alternating colors if you're using more than one color, around the edge of the base, overlapping the edges slightly. The circumference of the base should fit about six half-circle.
With the remaining large half circles, pinch the center slightly,
and glue them with a slight crease in the middle.
Hot-glue the creased half-circles inside the ring of uncreased half-circles. Overlapping the edges a bit, you should be able to fit six in this ring as well.
The finished second ring should look like this:
Now, using four of the medium size half circles, glue them down, overlapping the edges, without creasing them.
Using a few of the smallest half-circles, pinch and glue down the crease, and hot-glue them into the center, sort of bunching them together (at this point it's hard to put them in a circle because they're so small). I accidentally erased the photo for this step, sorry, so I don't have any to show you.
If you want, you can use the extra small half circles to fill in the gaps around the edge, to make it look more round and less petal-y. Just hot-glue them between the biggest petals.
Cut out a tiny circle of felt to glue down in the center.
Cut out a rectangle of felt, about 1x2 inches. Measure how far down the headband you want to put the flower, and glue that point on the headband to the flower. Then glue the felt rectangle over the headband, sandwiching the band between the rectangle and the flower.
Place the headband flower side down, and let it dry.

Admire your beautiful work!
Try it on!

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