August 31, 2012

A Skunk With An Exit Strategy

I'm home for the long weekend (to visit my family and go to a friend's wedding) so I'm staying with my mom, which means sleeping in, delicious breakfast smoothies, and yummy fruit preserves she just brought back from Europe on toasty French bread. 

Home sweet home.

It also means randomly waking up to hilarious conversations between my mother (who, by the way, has a delightfully charming French accent) and Animal Control. 

Of course I only heard her side of the conversation, but it was enough for me. 

My mother's one-sided phone conversation with Animal Control:

My Mother: Hi, there's a skunk living under our back porch

My Mother: Ok, but, um, how do I "harass" a skunk?
My Mother: But I think he has multiple exit strategies.
My Mother: Ammonia. Skunks don't like ammonia? Well yes, neither do we.
My Mother: But if I harass this skunk with ammonia, won't he just go somewhere else in the neighborhood?
My Mother: So they only stay around the area if they have babies and it's not baby skunk season?
My Mother: I see.
My Mother: Ok, well, thank you for your help...


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