July 29, 2012

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: The Epic Lobster Roll Adventure

Last Saturday my friend Will and I went on an epic Brooklyn Lobster Roll adventure.

We we hungry, so we started in the Mexican quarter for some sustenance (delicious Al Pastor tacos) for our upcoming long afternoon walk around Brooklyn Chinatown. 

In Chinatown we saw all sort of wonders. 


The longest green beans in the world!

Dr. Seuss gourds:

Some (live) humping frogs:


Back in Will's neighborhood (Bay Ridge), we found the friendliest grocer in town: 

Where we bought a tray of delicious figs:

We made a fig and cheese appetizer plate to snack on while we cooked:

First I whipped up some homemade mayonnaise in two different flavors, 
black pepper and cumin, and garlic and dill:

We infused some butter with asian herbs (thai basil, cilantro, lemon grass and pink pepper corn):

And chopped up some sweet potatoes to fry up:

Half way through the evening my roommate Amanda joined up with us, so while the water was boiling to blanch the potatoes, we took a little break and went to enjoy some prosecco on the roof to watch the sunset. 

The beautiful Verrazano Bridge:

Back downstairs, the lobsters came out of the freezer, ready to get steamed:

We had a little flambee drama while sauteeing green onions in cognac:

Our hefty steamed lobsters (Harold, Maude, and Sebastian--yes, we named them) waiting to get turned into delicious lobster salad:

Finally our meal came together! 
Herbed butter lobster salad on toasted potato rolls with a side of spiced sweet potato fries with two mayonnaises for dipping:

It was one of the best meals I've had in my entire life! 

All in all it was an epic day--we started grocery shopping around 4 and didn't eat until 10:30--but the company, the cooking, and the meal were all well worth it! 


Amandita said...

Quite the epic day (and I only joined half way through!) Excellent idea :) And bravo to the chefs!

Leesh said...

what a delicious dinner!

seeing a dragonfruit reminds me of Fruit Ninja, lol!