July 14, 2012

Wedding Dress Factory: Day Two - Part II

After a long morning of sewing (and Instagramming around Annika's apartment), 

Apple enjoying my abandoned cereal bowl

Delicious fresh-baked bread that Ryan--a baker and chef--brought home in the morning.
We ate almost that entire sesame loaf slathered in butter!

Annika's boyfriend, Ryan, my mother, and Annika and I went for a delicious lobster lunch down in Cape Elizabeth, just south of Portland.

Downtown Portland

My Lobster Dinner

Annika and Ryan enjoying their Lobster Roll and Clam Boat

We went to The Lobster Shack and got two lobster dinners, a lobster roll, and a clam boat. 

We even snuck in a bottle of wine and enjoyed it in secret!

So delicious! 

And the view was incredible!

Two Lights Lighthouse

Our nautical bags on the picnic table

Maine was thoroughly charming, and I can't wait to go back and visit her--next time for longer than 24 hours and when we don't have any work to do! 

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