July 14, 2012

Wedding Dress Factory: Day Two - Part I

Last weekend--while I was home in Cambridge for July 4th--my mother and I drove up to Maine, to visit Annika, of LilleputtStudio, and to do some work on Jennah's Wedding Dress.

We drove up Friday night, had a delicious, if frustrating dinner (the waitstaff and portions left something to be desired), and then work up bright and early on Saturday morning to get to work.

It took us a little while to figure out where the hell we had left off, since we hadn't taken any notes, but as soon as we figured it out we found our groove and started cutting and measuring and sewing again.

Cutting out the casings for the boning

Sewing up the bodice pieces together--the first final part of the dress! 

Carefully sewing up the silk bodice

A finished bust seam

Lilleputt Studio

Lilleputt Studio

Pressing the bodice seams on an impromptu tailor's ham (a teddy bear)

Annika's new puppy, Radio, likes to stand on the table. 

Cutting out the skirt panels
Pinning the selvage together for a straight edge

Annika's cat, Apple, is hiding from Radio

Sewing the outer skirt panel

Gathering the silk outer skirt

It's finally starting to look like a dress!

Taking a break with a basket of Apple

Then, after a long labor-intensive morning, we took a well-deserved lunch break and went to the beach for some delicious Maine Lobster!

Stay tuned for Part II

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