July 26, 2012

Standing Up For What's Right

I'm not always the biggest fan of the way this country operates.

Especially during election years, the political discourse all too often degenerates to the point where candidates on either side speak only in broad generalities, trying to pander to swing voters while firing up their extreme base.

When policies become partisan, rather than based onwhat a politician truly believes--when politics become PR--it robs the entire system of legitimacy, transparency, and effectiveness.

But sometimes someone is able to break away from this mud wrestling match and unequivocally stand up for what's right, without worrying about how many voter's they'll lose.

For the past couple of days this has been going viral all over Facebook:

These are the little gestures that betray the humanity of politics, and we need more of them.

It made me proud to say that I'm from Boston.

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