July 18, 2012


There's something so quintessentially summery about scallops.

And these adorable skirts really makes me want to sew something.

Which I should, considering I have a stash of fabric I've been waiting to dig into since before graduation, and a bunch of old jeans begging to be turned into short.




But as much as I feel like I have all the time in the world, between temping full time, looking for a real job and trying to enjoy New York summer I feel like I have very little "me" time left.


But these skirts look easy enough that I think I might give one a whirl. I mean this one's even two-in-one! It'd be a waste of time not to make it :)

1 comment:

Leesh said...

I like the scalloped edges. I think it looks great in skirts. I must look for one now...