July 27, 2012

Return of Fill in the Blank Friday!

Lauren, over at The Little Things We Do, was taking a little break from Fill in the Blank Fridays.

As a result, I was too.

But they're back!

Why not jump back on the Blank Bandwagon?

1. I am  a good balance of contrarian and reasonable, I think.
2. I have always     been very attracted to the ocean and living on the coast. I call it geographic claustrophobia (I don't like being landlocked)    .
3. I hope to  get a real job that I love (and that uses my degree) very soon. This whole post-grad in between thing is starting to grate on my last nerve. Although I can't complain about enjoying NY in the summer!
4. I can      not, for the life of me, whistle. I've always wanted to learn how and I just can't. It's infuriating .

5. I dream of   owning a rustic villa somewhere in the Tuscan countryside. I want to wake up and smell the lavender while overlooking a lemon grove, feasting on fresh figs and cheese .

6. The way to my heart is     a sharp wit and a clever sense of humor. Some people call it butterflies in the stomach, I call it Witty Banter as Foreplay .
7. I am passionate about    making the world a better place. I know it sounds corny--and idealistic--but I wouldn't have invested the last two years (and a lot of money) into getting a degree in Human Rights Advocacy if I didn't think it would make a difference.


Feel like filling in some blanks? You should, too!
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Leesh said...

On your #5 comment - doesn't Under the Tuscan Sun just make you want to pick up and buy a villa, make your own wine and invite friends over for a delicious Italian Feast?