July 20, 2012


When I moved into my current apartment last summer, I didn't think I'd stay for more than a year. So although I definitely made my room cozy and comfortable, I didn't invest too much time, energy and money decorating an apartment I didn't plan on staying in for long.

Then I got to know the neighborhood, which I now love, and all it's perks (across the street from Whole Foods, a dry cleaner, three (!) wine shops, between two main subway lines, and a block away from central park). And I got used to the conveniences of my building (dish washer, in-building laundry, a doorman, central air--all things that seem normal, except for in NY).

And then I decided I really didn't want to leave.

Even if it meant living with three other people for another year. But then my roommates were all moving out and it seemed like I would have to give up the place, or live in it with complete strangers. Neither of which were attarctive options.

But now it looks like there's a chance I've figured out a solution that lets me stay in the place and live with people I like!

I don't want to jinx it--because it's not confirmed quite yet--but that doesn't mean the wheels in my mind didn't immediately start spinning with ideas of things I could do to make the apartment mine.

We have this amazing balcony which I'd love to spruce up a bit,
maybe with some plants and window boxes.


We're losing all the living room furniture, so I'm having visions of soft, comfy sofas!


I hate overhead lighting, and luckily our apartment has almost none,
which means I need to get creative with spot and floor lighting.



We'll also be needing new dishware,
since most of it belongs to one of my roommates that's moving out.

Maybe even some DIY girly accents!


A girl can dream, right?


Crystal @ 29 Rue House said...

Decorating and finding cheap ways to DIY an apartment/house is so much fun! I'm obsessed with my own!

Margarita said...

I love all the pictures, especially the pillows in the last one :) This sounds very exciting for you!!