June 5, 2012

Wedding Dress Factory

This past weekend I went home to visit my family and also have the first fitting for my friend Jennah's wedding dress, which Annika (of Lilleputt Studio) and I are making!

We set up shop at my house, on my mom's giant dining room table, and got right to work, since we only had two days!

We decided on a basic pattern--we went with a tea-length 1950s silhouette with a fitted bodice and a halter neck--and fit Jennah for it, making and adjusting a muslin.

Contemplating the pattern pieces
Assembling the muslin
I look annoyed because the thread kept slipping out of the needle. 

Fitting the muslin and taking measurements

Then we decided on some fabric--a sheer matte silk overlay layered over a slightly satiny silk--and got to work constructing the dress bodice.

Measuring out the skirt. We needed a large right angle and the patio table was perfect! 


Ironing out the silk overlay (it's so sheer you can see the pattern on the ironing board through it! ) and cutting out the expanded silk panels to be ruched on the bodice.

Ruched bodice pieces waiting to be assembled
We still have to assemble and fit the bodice, and make any necessary adjustments, and then attach the skirt, insert the zipper, and add finishing details, like the halter strap and possibly a sash.

But Annika traveled down from Maine and I came up from New York (Jennah already lives in Cambridge) so we'll have to wait until we're all in the same place at the same time again to get back to work on it! This time I might go up and work on it in Maine with Annika. Hopefully in a couple of weeks!

I can't wait! 

{Photos: Annika Schmitt, Lilleputt Studios, 2012}


Douche d'Afrique said...
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Mike M. said...

This is so cool. Good luck!

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