June 17, 2012

Post-Race Farmer's Market Tour

Today two of my friends and I ran the New York Road Runner's Portugal Day 5 miler.

It was a pretty relaxed easy race--we didn't rush to much--running just under 10 minutes per mile.

(After spending a day at the beach yesterday, we were a little bit beat)

Following the race, we took a long walk home and I Instagrammed my way through the Columbus Ave Farmer's Market, where a bounty of beautiful fresh summer produce enticed our hungry eyes and tired bodies.

Not having any cash on me after the race was probably a blessing--despite how yummy everything looked--otherwise I might have come home with a number of other odd and expensive artisan foods like horseradish pickles, dandelion jelly, or ostrich eggs. 

(And god knows my funemployed budget can't afford a $30 ostrich egg I wouldn't even know what to do with anyway! :)

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