May 13, 2012

Why My Maman is the Best Maman in the World

Rabat, Morocco, August 2011
My mom met me in Morocco on my way back from  a summer in Mali
and we had ourselves one of our lovely little mother daughter vacations.

Why My Maman is the Best Maman in the World
  • She never used to wake us up early on the weekends. Instead, she would make us pancakes almost every Sunday, and yummy hot chocolate every morning before school;
  • She introduced me to all my favorite music - Billie Holiday, Diana Krall, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Nina Simone, Pink Martini, The Gypsy Kings, Getz & Gilberto;
  • She made sure we grew up speaking three languages;
  • She taught me to cook, bake, and to love doing it, all while keeping it healthy;
  • She brought us on so many adventures - Mexico, Arizona, Spain, the French and Italian Alps, Canada, Provence, the Cote d'Azure, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany, Paris, Vermont, and so many more;
  • She taught me the importance of being honest, not just with others, but with yourself;
  • She'll randomly surprise me with little sartorial gifts, while at the same time keeping me in check when I just have to have that new pair of shoes;
  • She has always encouraged me to do whatever makes me happy, and has wholeheartedly supported every decision I've made;
  • She's (slowly, but surely) taught me the importance of financial responsibility;
  • She gave me the opportunity to explore everything that piqued my interest at some point or another during my childhood - ballet, choir, musical theater, sculpture, piano, ceramics, drawing, gymnastics, cross country running, crew - just in case it was something I would end up loving and wanted to do forever;
  • She makes silly pronunciation mistakes in English and is still a good sport about letting us poke fun at her French accent;
  • We wear the same size in clothes and shoe, and if she has something I really love she'll let me steal it :);
  • She taught me how to fold a fitted sheet;
  • She helped me arrive at the realization that it's better to have one great, timeless item of clothing, than a bunch of "meh" disposable pieces;
  • And she helped me pick out those great, timeless items;
  • She gave us crash courses in table manners before going to visit my grandmother in France, and was never exasperated when she had to do it all over again the next summer,
  • She taught me that looking put together is important;
  • But also that there's nothing better getting messy and dirty while doing something fun.
  • She taught me how to properly set a table for a dinner party (even with multiple forks and knives!);
  • She's always willing to have a homebody night on the couch with a yummy dinner and a movie, even when we've made plans to go to the cinema;
  • She taught me how to make crepes. And then repeated the recipe from memory to me, every time I called to ask her what ingredient I was forgetting;
  • She gave me her beautiful green eyes, and petite frame; 
  • She has showed me that living a life full of compassion and generosity towards others, even if it occasionally means cutting back on something for yourself, is the most satisfying kind of life.
I love you, Maman! 

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