May 3, 2012

Done and Done!

Today I finished my last assignment. 


I'm officially done with grad school!

{Bye bye homework! It's been real, but I'm out!}

It's a bit anticlimactic, as I still have a bunch of papers to correct for the class I TA so I still have a lot of work to do, but with regard to everything I need to do for me, to graduate, I'm finished! 

It's an incredibly liberating, albeit a bit bittersweet, feeling. 

This also effectively ends the radio silence on this blog, now that I'm pretty much funemployed and have nothing but time on my hands. Expect to see a lot more of me in the upcoming weeks. 

Including an attempt at sewing my own graduation dress! 

Stay tuned! 


Kaity said...

Congratulations! I still have 3 more semesters before I can say I'm finished, but ending my first year of grad school felt pretty dang nifty!

Happy graduating! :)

Margarita said...

Yay!! Good luck with the dress :)

Leesh said...

Congratulations! So that is where you have been...I was wondering about you.

I can't wait to see the dress.

Jules said...

Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing a lot more from you this summer! :-)

Dorkys Ramos said...

Congratulations! Can't wait to see what you create.