April 7, 2012

Scotland Run 10k

Before we ran the half marathon, Andrea and I signed up for a 10k a couple of weeks after the half, just to keep us on track.

It didn't really work--I've run maybe three or four times since the half--but we did get our butts out of bed this morning (although we almost didn't. I overslept and Andrea had to call me three times before I woke up and rushed down just in time) to run this fun and short--compared to our prior accomplishment--little race with a Scottish theme.

It was a 10k (6.2 miles) around the outside loop of Central Park. We ran a 9:36 minute pace (shaving 20 seconds per mile off our half marathon time), and finished in 59:27!

People were wearing tartan (lots of thrifted plaid school girl skirts, especially on the guy runners, oddly enough), there were bagpipers at every mile, and a fun Scottish band for the end of the race festivities.

And I tried a french toast flavored bagel for the first time--yum!

After the race we went to get coffee and delicious Italian doughnuts at Bomboloni (Columbus and west 68th st.), one of my favorite bakeries in New York.

And in our runner's high we just signed up for two more races--the Wall St. 5k on May 31 and the Portugal Day 5 mile Run on June 17--with the aim of running at least the 5k, if not both, at a 9:00 minute pace or less! 

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