April 8, 2012

Dress Transformation!

When I was home last weekend my mother and I went dress shopping for a school gala I'm going to next week, but I couldn't find anything I liked.

(Which means there was really nothing good because I can usually find something to buy when I go shopping.)

So we came home and for fun we started looking through my mom's vintage clothes to see if we would find anything interesting... and we did!

We found three great dresses, one of which was really special.

It's an ivory lace dress my mom had made in Paris in the 1970s, and it fit me like a glove!

The lace is beautiful, the sleeves fun and flattering, and the open back spectacular. 

But, being ankle length ivory lace, it was a little dated. It looked a bit like a hippy wedding dress.  

Altered, on the other hand, I thought it would have a lot of potential. 

And it did! 

All I did was cut off 14 inches, reattach the scalloped hem, and it was a completely different dress! 

It's so amazing what just a shorter hem (I didn't alter anything else!) can do! 

I can't wait to wear it with nude heels, a giant 1960s updo, some light pink lipstick, and a big smile! 

Thanks, Maman! :)

p.s. Here's a sneak peek at the other two dresses I inherited:

Both are beautiful blue silk dresses I can't wait to get my hands on! 


Kaity said...

That dress is GORGEOUS! Is there anything better than mom's vintage clothes?! :) Not to mention lace! I loooove lace!

Jules said...

That's beautiful, and you can guarantee there won't be another one like it at the gala...that's what I love most about vintage clothes :-)I love the look of the blue polka dotted dress too, can we have a post about that soon please?!