February 12, 2012

Valentine's Day Massacre Party

Last night my roommates and I had our Valentines Day Massacre Party. 

The original idea was just a 1920s Prohibition Era Party, but when we planned to have it so close to Valentine's Day, we thought making the Bugs Moran vs. Al Capone Valentine's Day mobster massacre part of our theme was a great idea.

We got all dressed up in our 1920s finest---flapper dresses and head pieces, pearls and cigarette holders, champagne and an attitude, with the boys in three piece suits and fedoras---and we took all sorts of photos (mugshots and more) and had a night of 1920s revelry.


It was a smashing success!

And I was extra proud of this party--not just because everyone dressed up and looked amazing--but because I made my dress and headpiece!

I couldn't find anything I liked in stores, so I used some black jersey and black lace I had on hand to make a backless tiered scallops lace tank dress. And armed with my glue gun I put together a head piece from from trimmings found in the garment district.

I love costume parties!


J. said...

Wow, you are talented! I was admiring the lacy parts of your dress and wondering where you bought it! Looks like a fun time :)

Jen said...

Love your dress and headpiece! You looked amazing! Where were you and your crazy talented 1920's inspired sewing fingers a couple of months ago when I needed an outfit for a Prohibition party??? :)

annikakatrine said...

Love the dress, jules! And the head piece looks fantastic. Not to mention, expensive.