February 25, 2012

Raspberry Swirl Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

A little bit melty...

Back in September I bought an ice cream maker to fuel my frozen yogurt addiction.

I made several batches early on, and even dabbled with some ice cream and frozen custard (yum!) but then winter came and frozen yogurt became a less important part of my life.

But today my friend Paige invited me over for dinner and I thought I'd dust off the old ice cream maker and make some delicious Raspberry Swirl Frozen Yogurt to bring for dessert.

The best part? It only has four ingredients! And it's quick to make! 

Raspberry Swirl Vanilla Frozen Yogurt

1 container whole milk yogurt
1 package frozen raspberries
2 tsp of vanilla extract
10 tbsp of sugar (I used raw turbinado sugar, but feel free to use white sugar)

Alternatively, you can buy vanilla flavored yogurt, but I've found that the vanilla flavor isn't as strong when you freeze it. But if you use vanilla flavored yogurt, you can omit the sugar from the yogurt mixture.
Also, you can omit the sugar from the raspberries, but I highly recommend adding it to the yogurt (if you're using plain yogurt), as it helps balance the natural tang.

Before you start, if you have an ice cream maker with a bowl you have to freeze, make sure it's completely frozen (freeze for 12-24 hours). Open the container of yogurt and mix it up to soften a bit. Stir in 6 tbsp of sugar and vanilla extract put back in the fridge.

Combine frozen raspberries and 4 tbsp of sugar in a medium saucepan on medium/high heat. When the raspberries are melted, reduce heat to low and simmer until reduced and almost jam-like (you want a compote consistency). Remove from heat and set aside to cool.

Freeze yogurt and sugar mixture according to ice cream maker directions. Right before it's completely frozen (about 20 minutes, depending on the machine), remove the cover and slowly pour in raspberry mixture, letting the frozen yogurt swirl in the machine a few times before turning it off. Be careful not to overmix or you'll end up with raspberry flavored frozen yogurt instead of vanilla frozen yogurt with raspberry swirls--which might be just as delicious, but not what we're going for here!

Spoon the frozen yogurt into a container and freeze until firm (but don't forget to spoon a little bit into a bowl for taste testing before you put it back in the freezer!)

Enjoy your tasty homemade (and healthy!) dessert! 


Jules said...

Yum!! I love finding healthy variations on sometimes sinful foods; it makes me feel all virtuous and also happy as I don't have to deny myself some of my favourites :-)


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Joseph Carr said...

Ahhh... I can imagine how velvety this feels in my mouth. I'm not exactly the best chef ever, but I would love to try making this for my girl. She has something like a yogurt addiction. Hehe.

-Joseph Carr

sam lee said...

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