January 15, 2012

A Rainbow of Baby Clothes

I went to Jamaica to visit an old friend of mine who happens to have a 15-month-old daughter and is seven months pregnant with her second, a little boy.

So when I decided to go down to see her, I knew that I would be making baby clothes as gifts for her little munchkins.

I searched the internet for ideas and I decided to make a version of this dress Made By Rae for the girl:

Rainbow Dress

And a version of this little onesie by Crap I've Made for the boy:

Applique Tie Onesie

My mother and I discovered this adorable little quilting shop in Belmont, where I got the perfect fabric for my projects. This is what I came up with, using the same fabric from the Rainbow Dress for the ties on the onesies:

And just for fun, I decided to draft my own design for an applique bow tie, in case he has a particularly fancy night out he needs to dress up for:

The dress I modified a bit, doing five tiers instead of four, for a more even color transition:

I couldn't get the baby to model the onesies, since he hasn't been born yet, and they're much too small for his big sister to put on, but she was kind enough to model the rainbow dress, which she ran around the garden in all evening:

 I knew putting blue at the top would make her blue eyes pop!
The straps were a bit big (she'll grow into it) so we fastened them behind her shoulders with a twist tie, giving her a bit of a Snow White collar look. It was adorable.

Running away!

She even had the perfect shoes to match!

Sewing baby clothes is just too much fun!


Yolanda Fay said...

LOVE the onesies! Too cute. "Everybody's crazy about a sharp dressed (little) man ;)"

Leesh said...

The dress is adorable and I find the "snow white" collar cute. Great job on the onesies too. I have a bunch of plain onesies lying around so this will make for a great sewing project. All I need is a machine now. What kind of sewing machine do you have?

Tara said...

These are so cute!


Crystal said...

So cute! It looked like you left the fabric edges of the ties unhemmed. Do you have to worry about it unraveling? So cute but I'm an inexperience sewer so just wondering! :)

Akit said...

Oh really .....These clothes are made by you .It's interesting to know this .please tell us how to make these and do such a nice work on these type of baby dresses.

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