January 2, 2012

Make It: Glittery Gold Bow Clutch

Those who know me know that I adore all things glittery. 

So when I saw this spectacular glitter gold bow clutch on Pinterest, I knew I had to have it. 

BUT the clutch wasn't available anymore (and being Betsey Johnson, it probably would have been a bit steep). 

So I decided to make my own version:

Here's how you can too!

What you need:

Glue gun & Glue:

(no photo)

Two pieces, about 9x12 inches each, and another piece, about 6x4 inches (not shown)

Gold Envelope Clutch:
You can do another color, but gold is best so that if any of the glitter chips off it's less noticeable.

Mod Podge:
I used the glossy kind. Not sure if the matte kind would have as sparkly a finish.

Gold glitter:
This was glitter from the kids craft section of Michaels. Nothing fancy. 

Small Brush:

Small container with an air-tight lid:

What to do: 

 Take the two pieces of felt (yellow would be best, but I only had grey) and glue them together, overlapping the long sides by a couple of millimeters.  

Now you have a rectangle that's wider than it's long. Fold it length-wise into thirds:

And glue the long edges to each other  down, overlapping them a bit. Now you have a felt tube with a seam down the middle:

Now fold your tube so that the ends of the tube meet in the middle:

Glue the ends down. Now you have a felt rectangle that's 4 layers thick, folded on the outer edges, and open at the top and bottom. 

Take your small piece of felt:

And fold it length-wise into a little tube, overlapping the edges a bit, gluing them down: 

Flip over the big rectangle and scrunch the middle of it into a bow shape:

Wrap the tube, seam side down, around the middle of the bow. Overlap the ends of the tube, pulling as tightly as possible around the middle of the bow, and glue down. Trim off excess tube length; 

Now you have a felt bow! 

Mark a little square (about 1.5x1.5 inches) in the middle of the front of your clutch:

Pour some glitter into your container (I did about half of a two ounce jar at a time, and I ended up using about one and a half jars for the whole project):

Add in an equal amount of Mod Podge. It should be about a 1:1 ratio, which will seem a bit thick, but allows you do to fewer layers overall:

Mix well with the brush, making sure to get all the dry glitter at the bottom of the container:

Start painting the bow with the glitter mixture. It'll look really white at first, but that will dry: 

Do a layer on the front of the bow, and let it dry:

Paint a layer on the outside of the clutch, without getting glue or glitter on the marked off square in the middle (that's where you'll be gluing the bow and you want to glue it directly to the clutch):

As you wait for the layers to dry, keep the container of Mod Podge glitter closed so it doesn't dry out: 

The layers of glitter don't have to be completely dry before you flip it over and do the other side, or paint a second layer over it, but wait until most of the white is gone and it's no longer tacky, just a bit damp. Also, don't get gitter on the center back of the bow (this is the part you'll be gluing to the clutch):

I did a total of three layers of glitter on the clutch and the font of the bow, and only one layer on the back of the bow (since you won't be able to see it). After the three layers I left both the clutch and the bow dry completely overnight:

Put some hot glue in the square you left clean, and on the back of the bow. Let the glue sit a few seconds to get a bit tacky:

Press the back to the bow to the clutch and hold it down, without moving it, for a good 20 seconds, while the glue sets:

When the glue is completely dry (give it a few minutes) you can add a dab of hot glue under each "wing" of the bow to keep it secure all over: 

Enjoy your new Glittery Gold Bow Clutch! 

Too bad I didn't think to do this before New Year's Eve! 

It's the perfect festive NYE clutch. 

My total cost was about $20 (including a lot of left over Mod Podge and glitter and glue and felt), which is a fraction of what the Betsey Johnson version probably cost! 

Happy Glittering!


Stevie said...

SO cute! One thing you'll probably want to do, though, is spray a sealant/waterproofer over the whole clutch. Mod Podge is water based, so if you're carrying the clutch in the rain, or it gets wet from any other kind of liquid, it'll get sticky again.

Amanda said...

What a great idea! It would have been perfect for NYE

Anna Elena said...

holy snap! I can't believe you made this!

Tara said...

So cool! Great DIY to start the year


Hailey said...




Leesh said...

It looks great. I'm so impressed (and kinda jealous). I wish I was crafty.

starsforstreetlights.com said...

That is INCREDIBLE!!! Pinning! :D

Carly Taylor said...

Found this on pinterest... totally love it and might include it in a glitter post. :) Thanks for Sharing!
-Carly @ Createlive

Desiree said...

I totally did a double take, er scroll up and down, because I thought it was the same clutch! You did an amazing job!!

Laura Campbell said...

I definitely saw the same clutch on Pinterest-but never thought to make it myself! Love this tutorial. Might make one for myself. Thanks for sharing!!


Katzi SLYASDI said...

Great idea! Love this!!

Jen said...

Go you! Crafty girl. Your clutch looks almost exactly like -- if not better -- than the Betsey Johnson!

Crystal said...


Allie said...

This is awesome. Pinning. Love Betsey Johnson. Love your clutch. Fabulous job. :)

internodiciotto said...

you made an amazing job here, looks lovely!!! :D

Erin said...

Wow!! I love that you took glitter projects a step further by making that bow. It adds so much!
Erin @ www.thanksimadeitblog.com

helen @ forty percent fringe: sixty percent face said...

Love this, am thinking of making it to wear to a wedding along with some diy glitter shoes! Have linked to this from my blog post today :) Hx

Projectville Rose said...

Okay, I have to try this on my blog. I'll credit you, of course! Thanks for posting

Laure said...
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Laure said...

Just wonderful! take a look in my feather clutch;) Maybe it can give you some new idea:)

Damian T.Parson said...

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TheEverythingGirl said...

I'm doing this right now and its alot harder than it looks. Glitter is temperamental.

Beth said...

You did a great job!! I'm impressed with the glitter coverage.

Adrine Liu said...

Impressive clutch. Never ever think of such idea before. Look really great for party and occasion.

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