December 29, 2011

Found Treasure: Vintage Singer Sewing Machine

I was at my dad's house for Christmas Lunch and as I was leaving I suddenly remembered to grab a little treasure from my childhood that my dad had reminded me of last time I was home.

A little robin's egg blue vintage Singer sewing machine from the 1950s! 

With it's own little matching carrying case!

(Sorry for the blurry pictures... iphone and bad lighting)

So my dad pulled it out and we dusted it off to try it out, and it still works! Like a charm!

Apparently I used to sew on this little beauty when I was a child, but I'd totally forgotten that I owned it and it's just been collecting dust for the last ten years!

In other news, a family friend gave us a whole box of vintage fabric.

So my mother decided to put the little Singer to the test, and whipped up some cute vintage potholders:

I'm so excited to have this little machine back!

Do you have any childhood treasures?