November 5, 2011

A Day At The Race

Since I started running this summer in Mali (in my neighbor's lovely airconditioned house) I've actually stuck with it, which, if you ask anyone who knows me, is quite the accomplishment.

I'm hardly what you would call an athlete.

But I actually like running. I'm over the hump now. I can run five miles without dying. I know what those elusive endorphins feel like!

And today I'm running my first race!

(Well, first since being on the cross-country team my freshman year in high school, which doesn't really count since it was such a complete disaster. Being out of shape, anemic and having dangerously low blood pressure, I passed out in the middle of the race and had to drag myself, pathetically, back to the start line. Luckily I've gotten myself back into shape since then).

A friend of mine from school convinced me to run the race with her (and my old Econ prof, who's running the NYC Marathon the next day!) and even though at first I was a bit apprehensive, now I'm super excited.

And I decided that this race is going to kick off training for a half marathon next spring!

If a year ago someone had told me that in a year I'd be considering running 13.1 miles--voluntarily!--I'd have told them they were batshit insane.

But apparently I'm the crazy one now :)

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J. said...

That's an awesome accomplishment! Good for you and good luck at your race!