August 15, 2011

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Roaming Rabat

Our beautiful little Riad, Dar Alia

Rue El Hout, our street in he Medina

The delicious fruit market down our street

Inside the Kasbah

Pastel wonderfulness

A magnificent bougainvillea

The most perfect corner in the world

Inside the Kasbah

I'm obsessed with Moroccan doorways


They're all amazing.


I'm so happy to be by the ocean for the first time in two months!
(wearing the dress I had made in Bamako)

At the boathouse

Eternal Sunshine
(a family of graves in a bizarre roadside cemetery)

Atlantic sunset

Petit Dejuner

I want all of this for my new kitchen.

Giving a squinty smile at a fountain in the Kasbah gardens

My mother, trying not to laugh

Kasbah gardens

Kasbah gardens

The view from the cafe

Lovely little pots

In English

In Arabic

A fountain full of kittens

The spice market was a delight for all the senses

It took all my self control not to stick my hands in there like Amelie

I love this.

 Tomorrow we're heading to Plage des Nations for the day and Wednesday we're going to Casablanca. 

More photos to come. 

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Serenity said...

I love your adventuresome spirit! The photos are stunning. So much loveliness and beauty in the world. Thanks for sharing your travels.