July 1, 2011

Weekly(ish) Photo Essay: Things I Learned During My First Week In Africa

1. What I thought were goats, are actually sheep. They're just non-wooly Malian sheep. Who knew?

2. Little Malian girls are quite simply the cutest (we gave them markers and paper and they got creative!)

3. Malian women are pretty beautiful, too.

4. Malian food isn't all that bad, except for manioc which which tastes like dust. Those plantains were amazing, though.

 5. Apparently they do have driving schools here. I would have never guessed. 

6. Mosques are pretty.

7. Fruit vendors have amazing displays.

8.  Did I mention how cute little Malian girls are?

9. This fruit is juicy, sweet, sour, and delicious, and I don't remember what it's called.

10. My pool is pretty awesome, especially when it's 40 degrees outside.

11. Half and half sheep (at least I think it's a sheep) are awesome.

12. The abandoned horse racing stadium (the Hippodrome) is sort of eerie.

13. African sunsets are spectacular.

14. Malian Sahara Dessert tea is delicious. Malian beer, not so much.

15. Malian dudes are really good dancers.

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meghan said...

i spent a summer in ghana, and i'm not convinced that they don't just call goats sheep and sheep goats. Because they would keep pointing them out to me to clarify, and i continued not being sure...

what were you there for?